HI, and welcome and also Donald Trump

This is my very first blog post so hi and as you can see Donald Trump is in the title now, I want to clarify I hate Donald. I mean do you know how long it would take to build a wall around the south border of Mexico I mean seriously he has no experience in politics are we going to seriously let this clown run around the white house with a woman half his age. Seriously he will get us all killed I mean and the immigrants seriously not all of them are bod horrible people. Whew just had to get that off of my chest now Welcome hi sorry about that I just really hate him.

Now I know that this probably blog/photography posting site that I created won’t be as big as some others like yandere simulators blog, by the way great game. This is just for me I realize that it sounds stupid but I want to be able to speak my mind. It is hard to do that for me. But here I can say whatever I want with or without backlash.

If you did read this any of it thank you, I am glad somebody read it that was my aim.


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