A two in one post

In this first two and one post I will be posting a picture and a blog write post

Beach Time

DSC04994Now the blog post so I have always had trouble with the some things now they aren’t horrible like depression or a personality disorder but I have anxiety and my mom has helped me through it I know a lot of people who don’t understand like my dad who believes that anxiety is not even real it is like imaginary, but I also have met some people that do understand like my dance friend I am not going to say who but she also has anxiety and it is so easy to talk to her.

I also have trouble knowing what I deserve and what I don’t deserve my main problem in between these two the main problem is knowing what I deserve like solos is this Dance showcase we have I am realising that I need to take advantage of my talent. I just don’t know what to do with it should I practice at home or wait I just don’t know.



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