It is official I have had this website for at least 2 months now so it’s CELEBRATION TIME, COME ON.

Topic 1: The reason I started this website is because I just wanted to share my thoughts on things that I wanted to talk about subjects that I wanted to talk about and it still be private. Because the chances of this website going big is very slim I mean 0.01 mm slim. I mean not to not have no faith in myself It’s just I don’t know seriously I don’t have an answer for this whoops :/.

Topic 2: I have not told you about my life yet so I am just your average middle school student boy I have extra curriculars that aren’t very normal like dance and running a website (for my age at least).On second thought I am not average middle school boy I make easier friends with girls.Mainly because I am surrounded with them from dance, not I’m a player or anything but dance wise I live with 3 girls, mom included.

Topic 3: I have no idea for the future If you had the chance to ask anyone of my family members they would say I am a planner. Meaning I plan for things that are very far off in the future and it bugs me when they aren’t planned. I wanted to be a dancer, a artist,a dentist, and who knows next shrugs. And it bugs me because I just can’t explain at all it is just a feeling (I’m not OCD).

Topic 4: I have switched back and forth between different public, private, and home schools. Which leaves me with different friends which is a good thing but it also means that I will have to go through the struggles of making friends and seeing if they actually my friends and I am person that can see through people (Lie and emotion wise). I have even struggled with bullying, I was called a baby, gay, weirdo and so on all behind my back and everyone freaking knew and they didn’t even think to tell me until the end of the school year basically. These were spread by my so called friends all because when I tried to help them with their project. I didn’t really have friends at school in 5th grade because I was sorta the side friend (I know it is not a thing) for everything except like 4 people I wasn’t the side friend. People felt pity and all that, they (the people who said all of those things) tried to make up for it but our friendship didn’t feel the same.


OK, so that took a turn but anyways I hope you liked it and thank you for viewing my post it is appreciated. BYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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